Vancouver Orthodontists

Vancouver is a vibrant and up-to-date city. Boosting numerous businesses and private offices, finding a professional in any field is not a tough job. And with over 220 certified orthodontists, people living here one cannot complain about professional dental assistance either. Yet, such a variety may also cause trouble, especially when you are looking for a highly skilled, affordable and friendly orthodontist in your Vancouver area. If you do not know where to go for an orthodontist who suits your needs, here are some tips to refine the search.


The first thing to consider is the location of the dental office. Travelling all the way from Marpole to Downtown for each check-up may be extremely time consuming. Instead of going to the other end of the city, try finding some reputed orthodontic offices in the area. They are easier to attend on a regular basis and may even be more affordable than their centrally-located counterparts. If there are no orthodontists to please you in the area you live, try searching for professionals near your job and schedule the appointments before or after work.

Reviews & Recommendation         

Former patients give the most accurate recommendations, so ask your friends who have been through an orthodontic treatment for advice. If none of your acquaintances can give you positive references, browse the internet for reviews. There are plenty of people sharing their experience with Vancouver orthodontists on different websites or blogs. Therefore it should be easy to make a better picture of the overall process and the way one orthodontist or the other treats their patients.

Website investigation

When finding a reputed orthodontist in your Vancouver area, the first impulse is to dial the number and call the office. However, resist that call andsearch their website. With a simple search on a search engine we found Oakridge Orthodontists, Ocean Orthodontics, Dr. Alexa Herbertson, Dr. Paul Pocock and the list is open. In the age of internet, webpages are a must for every orthodontist, so you can be sure the professional you are looking for has a website where you can find information on their policy and on their staff, pictures of their previous treatment results and even reviews of their patients. Such info will help you make a clearer picture of what they can offer and how they can help you. Once you are familiarized with their website, a phone discussion is compulsory to settle down the details.


Orthodontists usually work with children as well as with adults. However, there are certainclinics/dental offices which have specially designed services for certain age groups. For example, Dr. Suzuki’s office is specialized in advanced orthodontic solutions for adults (such as Invisalign and Incognito), Daher Orthostyle offers Invisalign braces, while clinics such as Vancouver Orthodontics and ClearView Orthodontics have a team of professionals to cover both adult and children problems. Some clinics have a kids-only room, with wall paintings, toys and vibrant design which appeals to the little ones. Such an environment makes them more relaxed and helps them overcome their fear. Ask the chosen clinic/office if they have something similar for children, especially if your little one has a phobia of dental professionals.

There are all types of orthodontists in Vancouver offering a varied range of orthodontic services. Finding the right one for your/your children’s needs is essential for your well-being as well as for the final outcome of the treatment. So, spare no effort during the selection process.




Vancouver Gluten Free Restaurants

Eating out when being on a gluten-free diet can be challenging, especially when there were previous disappointments with the food quality or cross contamination. However, special occasions are best celebrated with a meal at the restaurant and gluten intolerants can now have a tasty and safe meal each time they go out. Gluten free menus and even dedicated gluten-free restaurants have taken Vancouver by storm! And it looks like this trend is here to stay!

There are various types or restaurants, starting with small bistros which offer gluten-free breakfast and brunch and ending with high-end dining locations which have designed separate menus for the celiacs and non-celiac gluten sufferers. We have made a selection of coeliac-friendly restaurants and grouped them according to their main theme for an easy search.

Pizza and pasta

  • Nicli Antica Pizzeria – delicious pizza cooked on a stone over for an authentic Neopolitan taste and a gluten-friendly menu which enables you to try a variety of dishes.
  • Via Tevere Pizzeria Napoletana – boosting a great variety of pizzas and pasta, as well as some of the best Italian desserts, this restaurant is certainly worth a visit. The menu is coeliac-friendly, so that gluten intolerants can have their share of Italian delights.
  • Al Porto Ristorante – this Italian restaurant knows how to enchant its clients. Almost all the main dishes in the menu can be adapted to the gluten-free diet, so that all people at the table can enjoy their meals.
  • Vancouver Pizza Company – with a great attention to cross-contamination and a varied selection of gluten-free beers, this place is a must go for every gluten intolerant looking for a safe place to eat.


  • Outback Steakhouse – with a special gluten-free menu that features numerous options and gives alternatives for sauces and side dishes which may contain gluten, this place does care about its gluten intolerant clients.

Bakeries & Breakfast  

  • Mint Tea – a small café with delicious buns and pancakes. The menu, although not extremely varied, is changed periodically in accordance with the season and the specific ingredients available at the local market.
  • Aphrodite’s Café & Pie Shop delicious pies and a scoop of ice-cream are the ultimate treat at this place. And these, as well as most of the other cooked goodies are gluten-free.

Vegan Options

  • Nuba – a Lebanese restaurant with vegan and gluten-free options that will satisfy even the pickiest tastes. Their hummus is certainly worth waiting for a seat at this popular restaurant.
  • Graze – if you are raw-vegan, vegan or vegetarian and gluten-intolerant, this place is paradise for you! Boosting a great variety of dishes with an incredible flavor and interesting plating, Graze is a hit among vegans and carnivores alike.
  • The Acorn – a delightful experience which includes great food and sensational plating. This vegetarian restaurant with a special care for gluten intolerants is a must try when you want to be impressed.

International Cuisine

  • Minami (Japanese) – delicious sushi and sea food prepared so as to avoid cross contamination, perfect for a light, yet extremely flavored meal.
  • La Tacqueria Taco Shop (Mexican) – authentic Mexican food that will bring the South a little bit closer. Their gluten-free menu is varied, ranging from pork confit with pickled vegetables to beef tongue. Homemade salsas are also available to add extra flavor to your food.
  • Twisted Fork Bistro (French) – a good choice for an exquisite breakfast or a flavor-filled brunch.
  • Bambudda (Asian) – a nice Asian restaurant with a twist. The creative menu has a vast array of gluten-free foods, so that you will want to come again and again to exhaust all the options.

These are only a few of the dinning places which offer gluten-free menus. The list is a good starting point, but if you like to sample more of Vancouver has to offer, step inside each one of its restaurants and ask for gluten-free menus. It is very likely that they have one ready for you, as more and more businesses are aware of the gluten intolerance problem.


Why Visit Vancouver?

The eyes of all the world were focused on Vancouver in the Winter of 2010. Why? Vancouver had been was chosen to host the Winter Olympic Games. Now a few years have past. But the world has not forgotten about the beauties and the wonders of Vancouver.

Are you thinking of planning a vacation and looking to for that perfect get-away spot? Perhaps you, too, can consider the reasons why Vancouver may be the perfect city of choice.

Since 1887, with the arrival of the transcontinental railway Vancouver has been widely known for its beautiful and natural seaport, which served as a valuable trade route to the Orient, London and Eastern Canada. In modern days, Port Metro Vancouver is still the busiest and largest port in Canada. You and your family can still enjoy the water ways of Vancouver by embarking on a Harbour cruise.

During a Luncheon Harbour cruise you will enjoy breath-taking scenery as you leisurely journey from Deep Cove to Indian Arm and finally, Silver Falls. By night, you will enjoy a beautiful sunset over the water as you dine. Or enjoy an authentic paddle boat guided tour of the inner harbour.

If you enjoy seeing animals that inhabit such watery regions, you will enjoy a visit to Vancouver Aquarium which houses more than 70,000 species to delight the whole family. Happily, the Aquarium is open 365 days a year, which extended summer hours, so you can be sure to include it on your itinerary.

If on-land animals and transportation more easily suit your fancy, you will readily enjoy the unforgettable one hour horse-drawn tour given in Stanley Park.

Or perhaps you prefer a walking adventure amid splendid forest and mountainous surroundings. If so, the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park may top your list of must-see landmarks. The Capilano Suspension Bridge has thrilled sightseers since 1889. The 450 ft (137m) long, 230 ft (70m) high bridge traverses a canyon across the Capilano River below. It is surely an event for the whole family.

If you prefer a different lookout, in a more city-like location, your next stop may be the Vancouver Lookout. The Vancouver lookout, located in downtown Harbour Centre, boasts a height of 430 ft (130 m) and is sure to provide the perfect vantage point from which you may plan your next Vancouver adventure.

Perhaps, upon looking down from Vancouver Lookout, you will fancy a closer look at the fresh produce, seafoods and breads of the public market of Granville Island. Whether a visit to the marketplace inspires your next snack, meal, or photo opportunity, it will surely make for a happy memory in your vacation photo album.

Grouse Mountain also offers an array of adventures to please every member of your family on your visit to Vancouver. Take the Skyride Gondula to enjoy the spectacular view of the forested region 1,100 m (3,700 ft) below you. When you get to the top, stop and visit The Refuge for Endangered Wildlife. Depending on the season of your trip, you can zipline or ski down the mountain.

Whatever your fancy, Vancouver makes a wonderful, memorable and varied vacation spot for the whole family!

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Visit Vancouver, B.C. – One Of The Most Beautiful Cities In North America

If Vancouver, B.C is your destination, you might want to check ahead of time about some of the outstanding sights so as not to miss out on anything. Just the harbor alone is a sight to behold. The coastline goes on for miles with numerous little inlets and bays tucked into it along the way, opening up endless possibilities for boaters and those who love water sports. There is English Bay, Burrard Inlet and the Georgia Strait, each offering its own character and charm.

Opportunities for water skiing and jet skiing sail-boating and other water sports abound. Add to that kayaking, windsurfing, white water rafting, kite boarding and scuba diving. Water lovers can be assured of never running low on fun activities in Vancouver.

But leaving the water behind, the city still has much to offer. Vancouver boasts one of the largest Chinatowns in the country with a massive selection of Chinese restaurants from which to choose. There is something there to accommodate every budget. But if you are a lover of ethnic cuisines, don’t stop there! Try the fare in the Indo-Canadian district’s Punjabi Market. Sometimes called Little India, it is filled with shops selling brightly colored textiles and gold jewelry … and spices.

For the adventurous, there is Grouse Mountain. Just fifteen minutes from downtown Vancouver, it offers a ski-ride that takes passengers on a one-mile gondola ride up the mountainside to an alpine station 3700 feet above sea level. The view is spectacular! You will also find a wildlife refuge for endangered species at the top.

Not for the faint of heart is the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Four hundred fifty feet long and two hundred thirty feet high, it is a wobbly rope type suspension bridge crossing over a gorge. Do a Google Images search to see how awesome this bridge is. While there, check out the Cliffwalk. Just as its name indicates, it follows a granite cliffside along the Capilano River on a series of cantilevered bridges, platforms and stairs. Several glass platforms allow you to see just how high you really are as you follow the steep granite precipice.

Vancouver also has an outstanding aquarium, some very informative and scenic harbor tours, art galleries, and Chinese gardens that are breathtaking. Winter time in Vancouver, B.C. offers stunning mountain or sea views in every direction. It is a popular destination for those who love winter sports, such as snow boarding and skiing.

The history of the area began with Spain, the first nation represented on soil that is now known as Vancouver. Jose’ Maria Nnarvaez first set foot on what is now Point Grey in 1791, although some claim that Sir Francis Drake visited there as far back as 1579.

North West Company trader Simon Fraser left his name on the landscape also, bestowing it on both the Fraser River and Fraser Canyon. Some consider him to be the first European to set foot on what is now Vancouver. In 1858 came The Fraser Gold Rush, emptying some 25,000 men into the area, mostly transplanted Californians.

There is something for everyone in one of the most beautiful cities in North America: Vancouver B.C.

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Adventures in Vancouver Neighborhoods

Whether you are purchasing or hiring a new home, there’s little doubt that location is the most significant factor. Particularly if you have or plan to have youngsters. Everybody knows that raising kids isn’t a straightforward task. The most logical approach is to go looking for a safe area that’s appropriate for young families. It is simple to “get lost” in a town like Vancouver, which makes a search for acceptable home a difficult job. But there are 2 particular Vancouver neighborhoods that should draw your attention. Hastings – Dawn ( The East Town Vancouver ) is one of those calm, tired and most vitally safe neighborhoods, well liked by many family-oriented community affiliations.

Eighty % of all houses in Hastings – Dawn are single detached homes and detached duplexes. These lovely houses are resting in the shadows of large trees, without any skyscrapers or apartments destroying this agreeable panorama. The special atmosphere of this wonderful community is made especially by the indisputable fact that it’s been home to several immigrants, basically Chinese and Italian. Thanks to their diverse and snug bistros and trattorias, many family orientated shops mixing EU and Asian cultures, has Hastings – Dawn its unique atmosphere. There’s also an enormous number of green areas – parks where you can spend some time with your folks, enjoy picnics, play sports or take long spring and autumn walks. 2nd area that you should not forget is Kitsilano. Situated among mountains on one side and long beaches on the opposite side, Kitsilano counts among the most well liked neighborhoods in Vancouver as a classical yet popular west coast place.

Next to classical single-family houses is a substantial number of high-impact apartments in opposition to Hastings – Dawn . Kitsilano is probably one of the dearer Vancouver neighborhoods with homes reaching one and a half-a-million bucks in typical price. Kitsilano offers assorted types of entertainment. Kitsilano hasn’t only a sufficiency of parks and green spaces, but also many attractive beaches ( Kits Beach and Jericho Beach are well known all though Vancouver ) where you can swim, but play many games, have a picnic or merely a nice walk by the ocean. Kitsilano is home to Vancouver Maritime Museum and H.R. MacMillan Space Centre or the multi-media theatre, so together with entertainment comes education. This colorful, young and varied town entrances folk with its natural beauty.

Travel to Vancouver in winter season and see in person how brilliant fun it is to be here in this season. The town is chock-a-block with holiday makers from mid-December to late-January as it is the top travel season. Vancouver is packed with snowboarders and skiers. In reality snow sports are respected seriously here. Vancouver is great to go to during any time of year. The town offers something for everybody round the year, whenever you intend to visit it. But it’s delightful to be in Vancouver in the winter. If you’re a snowbird, you can especially relish visiting it in this time of year. For those planning to spend their holiday during the summer, Vancouver is prepared to greet you with its many outside carnivals and holidays. Most holiday makers vouch for the best Canadian weather is to be found in Vancouver, with mild winters and warm summers.

The coolest month, naturally, is January with temperatures from the low thirties to low 40’s F.

The warmest months are July and Aug with temperature reaching the high 70s F. Whether you book your flight tickets to Vancouver and decide to visit it in the winters or summers, you’ll always find Vancouver at its finest. The grand inlets, fjords and coastal mountains in Vancouver will fascinate you constantly. While on a holiday to this superb town, think about enjoying and enjoying the numerous angles of Vancouver through Seaplane journeys. Exploring Vancouver through a seaplane can just turn out to be quite exciting and exciting.

You may simply love an intrepid sojourn here.

There are numerous firms in Vancouver that offer pretty tour of the town on a seaplane.

This is naturally a convenient and fast way of transport. Board a seaplane for a notable flight-seeing tour of Vancouver. If you would like to possess aerial perspectives of either the town of Vancouver, the hottest medium is seaplane aviation. The seaplane leaves from both downtown Vancouver and Victoria offering breathtaking aerial perspectives of the 2 towns. When you board a seaplane and depart from Vancouver’s Coal Harbor , you may enjoy a total view of the town and surrounding mountains.