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Nov 29, 2007
Nov 20, 2007
Nov 20, 2007
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Sep 19, 2005

Mayor Sullivan launches Vancouver EcoDensity Initiative

June 16, 2006

VANCOUVER, BC - Mayor Sam Sullivan today announced a new initiative to
engage Vancouver citizens in the process of increasing housing densities
in the city, as a way to reduce our ecological footprint and to make
home ownership more economical.

The Vancouver EcoDensity Initiative will involve residents, planners,
developers, researchers, community organizations and civic officials in
the development of an EcoDensity Charter to guide future decisions on
planning and development in Vancouver, with a goal of achieving high
quality densification. The Mayor will bring the proposal to Council in

"In order to become a truly sustainable city, we must do more to
increase the densification of our neighbourhoods, and today I am
inviting all Vancouverites to join the discussion on how we can meet
this challenge," said Mayor Sullivan. "The issue of global climate
change goes beyond partisanship and must be embraced by all of our civic
political parties. I anticipate this will get full support from all of
my colleagues on Council."

As part of the initiative, an EcoDensity Forum will be proposed for the
Spring of 2007 to develop an action plan to address housing
affordability and supply, as well as innovation in housing design,
performance and tenure. As the city prepares for the Forum, existing
processes for community planning and visioning will proceed as normal.

"High quality densification is one of the most critical steps to
reducing our ecological footprint as a city, and it will also enable us
to expand housing choices and improve affordability for all residents,
including young families and seniors," said Mayor Sullivan. "The
EcoDensity Initiative will also provide for new investment in public
amenities such as parks, green space, cultural facilities and community
centres - all of which contribute to greater quality of life."  

In addition to the development of a Charter, the Mayor's initiative will
include the creation of an EcoDensity Toolkit to help citizens and
professionals analyze the environmental implications of choices we make
at home, in our neighbourhoods and as a city.

Several prominent environmentalists, academics, developers, community
leaders and city residents joined the Mayor today in support of the
EcoDensity Initiative. The launch was held at the Vancouver Convention
and Exhibition Centre, the same venue where in just a few days, hundreds
of the world's leading urbanists and city planners will gather for the
World Urban Forum.

"The Mayor is showing great courage and leadership in tackling this
issue, and we are pleased to support the EcoDensity Initiative," said
Greg Searle, Co-Director of One Planet Living North America. "EcoDensity
promises to be one of the most important strategies to reducing the
ecological footprint of Vancouver residents, and it will enhance their
quality of life, too."

"Vancouver's per capita eco-footprint is already three to four times our
equitable share of the world's biocapacity," said Patrick Condon, UBC
James Taylor Chair in Landscape and Liveable Environments.  "The EcoDensity
Initiative is one of the ways we can make major progress toward reducing
our eco-footprint, and UBC welcomes the opportunity to support this
important leadership initiative to help Vancouver become a one planet

"As a long-time resident of Vancouver and an active participant in
CityPlan, I am very excited about the opportunities for neighbourhoods
to embrace EcoDensity and benefit from new amenities and green spaces,"
said Haida Lane, Chair of the Hastings-Sunrise CityPlan Committee.

An online version of the Mayor's EcoDensity Initiative is available at

For more information:

 Anna Lilly
Director of Community Relations to the Mayor

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