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Nov 29, 2007
Nov 20, 2007
Nov 20, 2007
Applause for emissions law and new Climate Team
Nov 20, 2007
FCM opens carbon offset market to canadian municipalities
Oct 26, 2007
Climate change leaders promote North America's green future
Oct 24, 2007
BCAA boosts Bike Month by offering free roadside assistance to cyclists
May 11, 2007
One Day One School Program launched to promote active school trips
May 10, 2007
BC high schools to receive Earth Day present - Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"
Apr 16, 2007
City of Vancouver’s Idle-free Bylaw enforced
Mar 29, 2007
BC Throne Speech: Local Governments and Energy
Feb 19, 2007
Jan 9, 2007
Light House Sustainable Building Centre is offering free energy efficiency screenings for new Institutional / Commercial / Industrial / Multi-unit Residential Buildings in BC
Jan 3, 2007
New program to help 600,000 fleet vehicles across Canada go green
Nov 16, 2006
Mayor Sullivan urges Canadian cities to adopt EcoDensity;
Nov 8, 2006
Premier launches green cities project
Nov 3, 2006
Car co-op service launched
Nov 1, 2006
Seattle in King County- USA King County a (US) national model on climate change mitigation strategies
Oct 31, 2006
British Columbia's greenhouse gas emissions explode
Oct 16, 2006
Kids Get a FREE Ride as Translink Supports "WALK TO SCHOOL WEEK"
Oct 5, 2006
City taking applications for Youth Politik
Oct 2, 2006
Government Provides Funding for New Biofuels Opportunities to Producers Across Canada
Sep 22, 2006
Warming Up to Bioheat
Sep 18, 2006
Unique EARTHRACE vessel to make stop in Vancouver’s Granville Island - Tues Aug 1st
Jul 28, 2006
New Greenpeace Ad Slams Gas Guzzlers
Jul 26, 2006
$2 Million to Promote Active Commuting Options
Jul 7, 2006
Report to the Prime Minister on Cities and Communities
Jun 22, 2006
One Day, One School
Jun 19, 2006
Mayor Sullivan launches Vancouver EcoDensity Initiative
Jun 19, 2006
2006 Design Competition Exhibit: “Closing the Loop”
Jun 19, 2006
An Invitation to Watch the World Urban Forum
Jun 16, 2006
Urban Design Certificate Program
Jun 15, 2006
Design partners launch Greater Vancouver GreenGuide
Jun 13, 2006
BCAA boosts Bike Month by offering free roadside assistance to cyclists
Jun 9, 2006
CBC "Favorite City Space" contest
Jun 5, 2006
Plastic Bag Tax motion from North Vancouver
Jun 1, 2006
Conservation Action 2006
May 23, 2006
The New and Improved PedalMetalStudio is now OPEN!!!
May 16, 2006
URBAN Turbine Project for GVRD
May 8, 2006
100 Mile Diet
May 8, 2006
42,000 Kilometers by Foot, Oar, Ski and Bicycle - The first human powered circumnavigation of the earth.
May 3, 2006
Sustainable Design Competition "Closing The Loop"
Apr 11, 2006
One Day Launch Itinerary
Sep 20, 2005
City, corporate and community leaders launch One Day
Sep 20, 2005
About the Cool Vancouver Task Force
Sep 19, 2005
One Day Leadership Council Backgrounder
Sep 19, 2005
The City does a lot in One Day
Sep 19, 2005
One Day Campaign Backgrounder
Sep 19, 2005

Car co-op service launched

TransLink and the Cooperative Auto Network have launched a car co-op service aimed at business customers called The Company Car. Businesses wanting to join the new service pay a one-time refundable fee.

What are the benefits?

For clients

It means low cost access to a car when you really need one – but not being saddled with the whole debt load when the need is low.
For the Environment

It means people drive less often and when they do drive, they do so in a very well-maintained car. This improves air quality and eliminates some non-point sources of pollution so the air shed and watershed are enhanced by car sharing.
For the Community

With car sharing, we have fewer cars in our communities. This means less noise, less congestion and less stress on green space (i.e. less threat of asphalting over an area for additional parking). Ultimately, fewer cars are impinging on space in the neighbourhood which fosters a more pedestrian-friendly place to live.

Please see Benefits of Car Sharing on the Co-operative Auto Network site for more information.
Personal use

Your employees/contract workers can register for personal access (and separate invoices) for a $50 (non-refundable) registration for each driver; they will be charged CAN Flex Rates for personal usage. See our CAN Frequently Asked Questions for CAN prices.

Personal account application form
each of the Drivers can also use the cars for Personal Use
Download now
TransLink's Employer Pass Program

Clients of The Company Car are also eligible for TransLink's Employer Pass Program, which provides a 15% discount off monthly FareCards (Minimum 1 year commitment as an annual pass is issued). Now there's no need for your company/organization to administer this program – let us do that for you. For groups who never met the minimum 25 person requirement, through The Company Car all groups are eligible!
Permit parking

CAN Cars are permitted to park in any Permit Zone in Vancouver

For more information please visit:

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