VOL #10. MAR2007


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Check out the One Day events calendar for the latest One Day-related action happening in Vancouver.

> For the kids, big and small. Sustainable Spring Break and Planet in Focus International Environmental Film and Video Festival. H.R. MacMillan Space Centre. March 19 – 24, 2007.

Displays and demonstrations by various organizations from the greater Vancouver area with fun, engaging presentations with games, contests, prizes and more! Each day focuses on a different theme: Food, Energy, Climate, Water, Recycling and Transportation. Check here for times and dates of the selected Planet in Focus films.

> EcoDensity Speaker Series: Bill Rees and John Helliwell. Two of UBC’s leading professors and proponents of sustainability will present an engaging interdisciplinary conversation on how our city can reduce its ecological footprint and enjoy the benefits of becoming sustainable. Thursday March 22, 7:00 p.m. - 8.30 p.m., UBC, Robson Square, 800 Robson Street, Vancouver.

> EPIC Sustainable Living Expo. Introducing the new breed of environmentally friendy, smart, stylish products and savvy services that allow shoppers to feel good about their purchases in more ways than one. March 16-18, 2007. Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre.

> Responsible Consumption Week and Vote with your Dollar Fair at the UBC. March 22-23, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 pm, UBC Student Union Building – Main Concourse.


Through Al Gore's movement, The Climate Project, a handful of Vancouverites have been trained as Climate Change Messengers. This select group will present their version of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" in towns and cities across Canada. If you would like to invite a Climate Project presenter for Vancouver and other towns in Canada and the States, visit www.theclimateproject.ca.
C.o.V. One Day Youth Awards

One Day has teamed up with the City of Vancouver’s Civic Youth Strategy and Youth Outreach Team for the 3rd Annual C.o.V Youth Awards, happening on May 4th. This year, we have two special One Day awards recognizing leadership on climate protection. Nominate yourself or someone you know. Nominations are due Thursday April 5th. Click here for the nomination form.

As part of the Youth Awards festivities on May 4th, One Day is coordinating a public event, "Junk to Funk", an Eco-fashion, art and design exhibition.

Youth under the age of 24 are invited to submit clothing, jewellery, accessories, art, furniture or other design pieces made from recycled/re-used materials that have a limited impact on the environment in the production process. Youth must register; the registration deadline has been extended to March 19th. Click here for the registration form.

For more information visit www.vancouveryouth.ca. 

EcoDensity Fair

Nearly 1,000 Vancouverites came out to the EcoDensity Fair (March 3 - 4) to provide ideas about how Vancouver will grow in a green, livable and affordable way. To find out more about Vancouver's EcoDensity initiative, visit the website:

Welcome to the March issue of the One Day enews. One Day connects you to information and resources about the small steps we can take to help protect our climate and make Vancouver the cleanest, greenest, healthiest city in the world.

There’s a lot happening right now. Efforts and interest in climate protection have been steadily increasing over the past few months. We now have more than 5,700 people signed up for the e-news and action tips, and more sign-ups every day. Our website visits have recently doubled and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing with people saying they want to do something.

This issue features a number of initiatives and programs happening locally – there is something for everyone to get involved in.


One of the energy plan’s main goals is to make the province self-sufficient in electricity by 2016. The plan stipulates that consumers must cut their future demands in electrical usage in half over the next 13 years – the biggest conservation move ever made by BC Hydro.

Some of the conservation rules set out by the province include:

  • All new electrical power plants in the province must have "zero-net greenhouse gas emissions." Projects would have to be powered by clean energy sources or must offset any greenhouse gas emissions through such measures as tree planting or investing in other clean-energy projects.
  • All current power generation plants must "reach zero net greenhouse gas" emission targets by 2016. That again offers the possibility of old power stations investing in new technology or even carbon trading, where companies buy tax credits from cleaner industries.
  • 90 per cent of all the province's electrical power must be from clean or renewable energy sources.
  • A new building code must be completed by 2010 that will require the latest in energy-saving construction techniques, including such things as green roofs and energy-efficient boilers and generators.
  • The energy industry must cut by 50 per cent the number of incidents of flaring oil and gas wells within the next four years. The government wants all flaring, a major source of greenhouse gases, eliminated by 2016.
  • Power generators can make use of pine-beetle infested trees to generate power. As expected, no coal-fired power plant will be allowed unless it pumps its greenhouse gases into the ground, an unproven technology.
  • Click here for the full Vancouver Sun story.


Meet Colin and Julie.

Colin and Julie

Colin and Julie are only two people but they're changing the world. If Colin can travel 43,000 kilometres without producing any greenhouse gas emissions, we can all start taking small steps to use less energy and to walk and cycle more, even if it is just One Day a week.

The couple's journey, which started out with Colin and Vancouver-born Tim Harvey, involved cycling, skiing, canoeing, hiking and rowing through BC, Alaska, across the Bering Sea and through Europe. Julie and Colin traveled across the Atlantic to Costa Rica - a 156-day rowing odyssey, with Julie being the first and only woman to row across the Atlantic Ocean from mainland to mainland. From there it was an 8,300 kilometre ride back to Vancouver.

The couple, living in Courtenay BC and getting married this summer are available for speaking engagements and public presentations. They have played a big role in supporting the Vancouver Park Board’s Active Communities Program. The goal of their expedition and speaking tour is to show just how far you can take non-motorized transportation and to promote zero or low-emission transportation as a means to combat climate change. Click here to find out more about their work and look for Colin’s book, "Beyond the Horizon", to be released March 27.


Science World’s Green Team took one big eco-friendly step with their in their recent computer upgrade, switching to energy efficient LCD monitors. They used BC Hydro's Power Smart for Business resources and figured out that they will be saving at least $630 in electricity over the year. Added bonuses include the monitors’ longer life spans and staff members’ extra desk space. The old monitors were donated to Computers for Schools.

Do you have a green team at your work? If so, send us your stories about what energy saving activities you’ve done – we’d love to share them and help inspire others.


Light House: Sustainable Building Centre

Light House: Sustainable Building Centre offers information about sustainable practices, policies and projects and can connect you with experts to help make your next project greener and healthier. Light House works with industry professionals, governments and utilities and homeowners to foster a deeper awareness of sustainable building practices. Their Resource Centre has staff and trained volunteers to greet visitors, answer questions and operate general education programs. They also have a guest expert series most Saturdays from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m., which we often feature in the One Day events calendar. The next guest expert, Luc Delestrade, will be speaking about geothermal heat pumps on March 24th.

Light House: Sustainable Building Centre is located at 1575 Johnston Street (2nd floor), east of the Public Market on Granville Island. They are open Monday - Saturday, 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.