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Exercise is good for your brain. It helps relieve stress, improve memory, and benefits your overall psychological health.

Kids who exercise on a regular basis often do better in school, sleep better, don't feel as tired, are less likely to get hurt while exercising, and are stronger than less active children.

Not only does local organic produce taste better (and offer pure nutrients for your body), but it also doesnít use as much energy to be transported to your local grocery store.

Remember, changing your habits one day a week is just the starting point. For optimal health, Health Canada recommends getting 30 to 60 minutes of moderate activity most days of the week.

Health and well-being are important to all of us, but who has the time (or money) to go to the gym?

Feeling great and being fit doesnít mean you have to disrupt your lifestyle.

Taking that first step is always difficult, but starting slowly by choosing one day a week to change up your regular routine is a great way to start. Find an activity that fits into your daily routine.
Choose one day a week to bike to the store instead of drive or take alternative transportation to work. Try choosing local/organic fruits and vegetables for snacks instead of the traditional cookies and chips the next time you get groceries.
Donít just do it for yourself- do it for your family. Being active with your kids ensures their physical fitness, keeps them mentally sharp, and can put them on road to good long-term health and exercise habits.

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