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You can do a lot in one day as one group, one school, one office, one team, one community. 

Be a One Day leader and push your organization to take small steps toward energy efficiency.

Faith groups

Look at the structure of your building and assess its energy efficiency.  Check the lights, thermostat and windows.

Have an action tip printed in the weekly bulletin.

Take alternative transportation or car-pool to worship.

Sports teams

Be sure to car- or van-pool to games.

Make sure the last person leaving the dressing room turns off the lights.

Encourage the rest of your team to use re-useable sports bottles instead of buying disposable water and juice bottles at each game.


Include energy efficient action tips in your school newsletter.

Find out if the school lights turn off automatically or if they're energy efficient light bulbs.

Look at the structure of the building and assess its energy efficiency.

Arrange a walking school bus.

Have classrooms challenge each other in energy efficient tasks.

Visit our At School section for curriculum ideas and resources.


Challenge local businesses in your area to take the One Tonne Challenge or David Suzuki Challenge.

Have your building manager check the building for its energy efficiency.

Start a car- or van-pool program for your employers.

Replace office vehicles with more energy efficient cars.

Visit our At Work section for more tips and resources.


Start a neighbourhood newsletter.  Include an energy efficiency tip or column every week.

Start a car-pool group.

Challenge houses to take the David Suzuki or One Tonne Challenges.

Start a community garden or compost.

Hold a street festival where your street gets closed off to traffic for a day.

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Community Centres

Look at the structure of the building and assess its energy efficiency.  Find out how energy efficient the lights, thermostat and windows are.

Have an action tip printed weekly in the community centre newsletter.

Have the community centre offer an information session about the little steps people can take to be more energy efficient.

Visit our Take Action section for more ideas and resources.