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One Day

One Day – Taking Pride in The City of Vancouver

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and One Day believes that one can accomplish a lot in a day. In 2003, Vancouver City Council set targets to reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions by six percent in 2012.

There was a need to save the ecosystem from the pollution that was increasing daily. The council outlined strategies on how to reduce these emissions to create a better environment.

Today, the world is facing a pollution problem that has been hard to control. We need to act on this issue before it gets out of hand. There is a need to implement strategies similar to the ones the city of Vancouver did in 2003.

About One Day

One Day is an organization taking small steps towards reducing the energy used at home and on the road to creating the cleanest, greenest, and healthiest space in Vancouver. 

One Day is the City of Vancouver's community engagement process that supports the Community Climate Change Action Plan. The organizations listed below were part of the Cool Vancouver Task Force, a group representing a wide range of stakeholders that provide advice and guidance on community development and Corporate Climate Change Action Plans for the City of Vancouver.

Why One Day?

One Day is all about protecting the city and creating the best place to live. As other cities are having trouble with environmental issues, One Day is here to ensure that the residents of Vancouver stay healthy and fit.

The aim is for Vancouver to be a model for how other urban populations should consume energy. If we control our energy consumption, we will be a step further in reducing pollution.

One Day works with partners such as the youth and business groups to create awareness among the people. Educating the masses on the importance of a sustainable energy consumption community is essential for a successful movement.

What's The Plan?

One Day has a detailed strategy for achieving its targets thanks to the help of The Community Climate Change Action Plan. This plan reflects on the input of a wide range of community interests. It provides a comprehensive blueprint of how everyone can work together to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Specific action plans have been developed for:

This plan can work effectively if everyone recognizes the problem and dedicates themselves to making lifestyle changes to solve them.

Take Action Today!

It is time to take action. Starting with the basic amendments such as switching off light bulbs that are not in use and ensuring that we conserve more energy a day than before. If everyone takes part in making these small conservative strategies, the city of Vancouver will most definitely save much. This is for the benefit of all as a community.

Find out more on the simple steps you can make on cutting down on the energy consumption cost on the official website. Some subsections touch on how to improve energy use at home, in the kitchen, on the road, and many more options.

Under these sections, you will find guides to help you move towards the goal. There are also tips and tricks that one might find beneficial.

We Move Together as A Community

The community has to work together to put Vancouver on the global radar as one of the cleanest and greenest cities. For this to happen, residents have to assist each other wherever they can.

People have to take care of each other. There is a Take Action section where you will get ideas and resources to help you out.

Share Your Success Stories

Success stories are what drives the movement forward. The small victories encourage us to achieve more and keep the faith that the city will someday outshine all other cities.

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