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Save hundreds or thousands of dollars each year on fuel and repairs. This year's CAA cost- estimate for owning and operating a passenger vehicle is $9,300.

Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Personal vehicles are a major source of both in Vancouver.

"SUVs do not provide superior protection for child occupants [as compared to a car] and that age- and size-appropriate restraints and rear seating for children under 13 years are critically important because of the increased risk of a rollover crash [in SUV's]" - Dennis Durbin, MD, co-author of "Risk of Injury to Child Passengers in Sport Utility Vehicles" from the Jan 1., 2006 issue of Pediatrics


Reducing air pollution from vehicles reduces the presence of a major contributor to aggravated asthma, respiratory infections, chronic bronchitis, etc.

With oil consumption constantly rising, being energy efficient on the road ensures that this finite resource lasts a little longer (at least until we switch to renewable resources).

It's easy to be a smart driver. Reduce your fuel consumption, be safer, save money and breathe easier with cleaner air. You don't need to get rid of your car to make a difference. Here are some simple things you can do today:

Idle Free

Clear the air, save your car and avoid unnecessary fuel consumption.

Tire Inflation

Properly inflated tires keep you safe, improve fuel economy and save you money.

Drive Smarter

Be an eco-driver. Avoid accidents and use less fuel.

Vehicle Maintenance

A maintained vehicle is a clean, safe and efficient vehicle.

Vehicle Choice

A gas guzzler or a gas sipper? Your choice has an impact on your bank account and the environment for almost 20 years!


Car-pooling or van-pooling can be an effective option if you commute between municipalities or if your work regular trip is
not well served by transit. A new online ride-matching service makes finding a ride or a driver easier than ever.


Car-sharing can provide you with convenient access to a wide variety of vehicles for your personal use at a fraction of the cost of ownership. Have the car you need when you need it. Car-sharing means you don't worry about maintenance hassles and you save time, energy and money.

Try Another Option to Driving, One Day a Week

If you didn't drive your car to work one day a week, you could reduce your vehicle emissions by up to 20%.

Idle-FreeTire InflationDrive SmarterVehicle MaintenanceVehicle ChoiceRide-ShareCar-Share