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This year's CAA cost-estimate for owning and operating a passenger vehicle is $9,300; save money by sharing the costs of travel and parking with others.

When you're a passenger you can catch a few more Z's, read your book, or even catch up on work!

Breeze past freeway traffic in the car-pool lane!

Reduce your commuting related greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution by 50% by car-pooling with just one other person. The more people in the car-pool, the more emissions you reduce!

There are a number of ride-sharing options available to Vancouverites:

Formal car- or van-pools.

Commuters are likely candidates for a car-pool or van-pool if they:

  • work regular hours and are full-time employees or full-time shift workers
  • live more than 15 kilometers from work
  • are not well serviced by transit for their travel route

The Jack Bell RideShare offers a ride-share program that provides the vehicles and requires riders to pay a monthly fare (based on mileage, the number of riders in the vehicle, as well as any parking costs). JBF car-pools/van-pools are a subsidized form of public transportation. JBF uses these fares to cover all car-pool/van-pool operating costs, while TransLink and B.C. Transit provide administrative funding.

Informal ride-sharing.

Jack Bell's Online Ride-Sharing Database is a free service that helps people find others with similar travel patterns. It only takes a couple of minutes to see if someone near you is traveling the same route at the same time.

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