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Click on the logo of the colour you'd like to download.

Each logo package contains three formats of the logo:

  • eps format [good for professional software such as Adobe Illustrator, this file will look perfect at any size]
  • tiff format [for in-house printing, this format can be imported into any program, such as Microsoft Word. These files don't stretch very well, so we have included three sizes for you to choose from]
  • gif format [perfect for internet use. These files also don't stretch well, so we've included three sizes of these too].

If you are having problems, try either right-clicking (PC) or command-clicking (MAC) on the link and selecting either 'download link to disk' (internet explorer), 'save link as' (mozilla), 'download linked file' (safari) or 'save link target as' (netscape).

If you are using another browser or setup, and are having problems, please contact us at and we will be happy to send you the files directly.


The One Day logo comes in four colour variations orange, blue, green and black & white - with or without the One Day URL. Click on the logo for instructions and file download. 

files/images/orangelogoDL.jpg files/images/greenlogoDL.jpg files/images/bluelogoDL.jpg files/images/blacklogoDL.jpg


Banner Ads

Promote One Day on your website! Add a One Day banner and link to your website.

To add a banner to your website, view the source code from your browser and copy and paste the html code to your webpage.

If you are using a webpage building program such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage, make sure you are adding the code to the html, and not to the normal view.

If you are having problems, you are welcome to contact us at and we will be happy to send you the files directly.

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