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One Day
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Positive client response and recognition. More than 85 per cent of clients who participated in the One Day pilot program felt more positive about their coffee shop, yoga studio or grocery store because of its involvement in the City initiative.

Visibility with the One Day brand. By participating in the One Day program, your business adopts the positive association already established with One Day; your business is recognized as a partner with the City, trying to affect change.

Promotion through One Day marketing activities. Your business will be listed on the website as a program partner, referenced in speeches, and referenced in other communications activities.
We felt proud to participate. -Rhadasri, owner, Wandering Yogi yoga studio.

"We would definitely participate again. I thought this was a great approach."
– Atanea, Manager, Trees Organic Coffee and Teas.

"Our students really liked the program and were happy that the studio was involved."
– Eve, owner, Yoga on 7th.

"Our staff felt great about participating because they have a lot of the same environmental concerns as our customers."
– Joseph, Manager, SOMA Café.

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