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Taking alternative forms of transportation to work can save you money.  By keeping your car off the road a couple of times a week, you can save on maintenance, gas, parking and insurance costs.
Who has time for the gym?  Walking and biking to work is an easy way to incorporate physical activity into your everyday routine.
Fewer cars on the road translate into less greenhouse gases emitted into the air.
Car-pooling gives you an opportunity to get to know your co-workers outside of the office and build a healthier, happier office culture.
On the bus, SkyTrain or in a car-pool, you can catch up on reading or get a few more minutes of glorious sleep.

One day a week, don't be a single-occupant vehicle.

At least one day each week, get to work without having to drive alone.  As the route and timing of this travel is fairly regular for most people, establish alternative travel habits at least one day a week.  Check out our On the road- Options section for ideas on how to change your commute to work.

If you have to drive, be smart about your ride.

You can still save money and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions on days when driving makes the most sense.  There are easy ways to reduce the impact your car has on the environment.  Check out the On the Road- Vehicles section for a lot of useful tips.

Talk to your employer about getting OnBoard with TransLink.

Since it began in 2002, the OnBoard program has assisted over 150 Greater Vancouver employers to identify and implement commuting options for their employees that are convenient and cost effective alternatives to the single occupant vehicle.  Transportation alternatives include discounted monthly transit passes through payroll deductions, car- and van-pooling, ride-matching, car-sharing, cycling, walking, parking management strategies, teleworking and shuttle buses.

The benefits for employers and employees include:

  • Time savings and financial savings
  • Greater options/choices for commuting
  • Less time in traffic
  • Enhancement of quality of life, producing more content employees
  • Emphasis on corporate social and environmental responsibility
Contact TransLink at (604) 453-4612 for additional program details.

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