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Energy efficient home improvements can:

- Earn you thousands of dollars in government and utility grants

- Provide opportunities to access great, low interest financing

- Save you hundreds of dollars in annual energy bills

- Increase your home resale value by an average of $20 for every $1 savings in annual energy costs

Energy efficient home improvements can reduce chills and drafts, mould problems, and even decrease outside noise.

Energy Efficient Home Improvements

If you are planning a renovation, own an older home, or are really serious about reducing your utility bills, the biggest energy savings opportunities involve one or more of the following:

  • furnace
  • weather-stripping and draft proofing
  • water heater          
  • windows and doors       
  • heat pump             
  • insulation 

Undertaking any home improvement can be challenging enough without trying to incorporate energy efficiency at the same time.  One Day at Home is here to help you through the process and access all of the tools, services, and savings that are currently available to you. 

Step 1. Find information about current programs providing incentives and resources for home owners, including home energy evaluation services required to access most grants.

Step 2. Access financing offered for home energy improvements. 

Step 3. Planning your job and finding a contractor - helpful hints and tips.

Step 4.  Do the energy efficient improvements to your home.

Step 5. Claim your grants and rebates.  Make sure you have met all of the requirements of each grant program throughout the process.


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