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Many small changes are free or pay for themselves in months. For bigger changes there are potentially thousands of dollars of grants and incentives available.

Nearly half of Vancouver's greenhouse gas emissions are directly related to individual energy use on the road or in the home. Reducing the amount of energy you use to heat your home or water not only reduces climate change, but also improves local air quality.

Reducing the energy consumption of your home is something everyone can do to limit the impacts of energy price increases.

Home energy improvements contribute to cleaner air overall and can improve the air quality within your home.

Install energy efficient windows to get rid of chilly drafts and improve sound proofing of your home.

ecoENERGY Retrofit Initiative (formerly EnerGuide for Houses)

Before investing in energy efficiency improvements in your home or condo, federal grants are available if you first perform a third-party home energy evaluation through one of the registered evaluators (see below). The federal grants average $1000 per home to a maximum of $5000!

The ecoENERGY program includes two home visits - one before you retrofit and one after. The first home visit includes a visual walk through and measurement of all energy-related components, including windows, doors, heating, ventilation, and insulation. After closing all the doors and windows in the home, the advisor turns on a large fan to identify and quantify the overall air leakage in the building. The advisor then prepares a customized report noting the recommendations for energy upgrades.

The evaluation includes:

  • A detailed energy evaluation of your house by a specially trained advisor
  • A blower-door test to find air leaks
  • A report showing where your home is wasting energy and how you can correct the situation
  • A rating label from 1-100; the higher the rating, the more efficient your home

The EnerGuide advisor will review your report with you to answer any questions you may have.

The ecoENERGY retrofit grant program for homes and multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs) offers the following incentive options.*    

 Energy Efficiency Improvement


(attic, exterior wall, crawl space & basement)

~$680 - $9,300

(up to $23,000 for MURBS)

Heating Systems (ENERGY STAR rated)

~$300 - $600

Ventilation and Cooling Systems
(Heat Recovery Ventilators & Air Conditioners)

~$200 - $300

Domestic Hot Water Systems
(Solar, instantaneous, grey water heat recovery systems)

~$50 - $500

Windows/ Doors/ Skylights

$30 per unit

Water Conservation (low or dual flow toilets)

$50 per unit

*Grant combinations may not exceed $5000 per building.

Contact one of the following organizations to schedule an EnerGuide for Houses evaluation:




Building Insight


City Green




Energy Wise Solutions



Check out the Questions and Answers page on the ecoEnergy website for more information and clarity.

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