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Renovations to make your home more energy efficient pay off in the long run by reducing your heating and electrical bills and potentially increasing the value of your home.

Making your home more energy efficient means it will burn less fossil fuels to keep your water and rooms warm. Less energy consumption means less greenhouse gases emitted into the air.

Renovating your house allows for making changes that ensure the safety of your family.

Renovations provide the best opportunity to significantly and cost-effectively improve the energy performance of your home.

Start by getting an EnerGuide for Houses Evaluation.

An EnerGuide Evaluation of your home will educate you about energy savings opportunities that are associated with your home improvement and is the first step in claiming your EnerGuide Grant.  Many renovations have unexpected energy implications. For example, owners of older homes with drainage problems can be pleasantly surprised to discover that their drain tile replacement job provides them with a very cost-effective opportunity to insulate their basement as it takes advantage of the excavation work required for the original renovation.

Finding a contractor.

Once you know what you want to do, the next challenge is finding a contractor who is trustworthy and properly qualified to do the work.  Before contacting anyone to do the work, you might want to become more familiar with it yourself.  Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency provides a wealth of information on a variety of renovations.

It's important to know that proper installation and quality products are critical to enjoying the benefits of your renovation.  The lowest priced bid is not always your best option as some contractors lack the proper training or cut corners to land a job.  In addition to the advice offered in these links, always ask what experience they have in doing energy efficient renovations and whether they (and their subcontractors) use Energy Star equipment and materials.

If your renovation involves windows or heating, you might also want to visit our Windows and Heating sections.

To find a contractor, visit the Canadian Home Builders Association website and select either renovations or the specific type of job you have in mind if it is listed.

Visit the Get It in Writing website for an overview of what you need to know when hiring a contractor.

Look into an integrated home energy service If your renovation is specifically targeted at reducing energy consumption or you are looking for a one stop service, some companies offer a comprehensive service that includes an energy assessment, selecting a pre-qualified contractor, conducting independent quality control on the contractors work, arranging low interest financing, and helping you apply for grants and rebates. Visit

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