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Learning and taking action on climate change provides immediate direct and indirect health benefits for students and can establish healthy living habits for a lifetime.

Improved air quality results in reduced respiratory illness.

Increased activity like walking and biking improves student fitness and decreases the chance of obesity.

Children and youth can take unique opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution through school programs and initiatives that they can also follow at home.

Decreased traffic congestion around schools decreases the risk of traffic related injuries for our children.

There are numerous ready-to-use and engaging educational resources that have been developed to support the school curriculum and enable students to apply their lessons and recognize their ability to be leaders.

Students and schools have a unique role to play in making Vancouver the cleanest, greenest, healthiest city in the world.  Learning about climate change and seeking opportunities to make changes in their daily lives not only provides great educational opportunities, but it also helps our youth realize that they have the ability to shape their school, their city and their planet.

Getting to School

One of the best places to start is the beginning - click here for more information.  Every school day starts with the trip to school.  Because cars are major source of greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion, there are programs for elementary schools like ICBC's Way to Go! that enable students, teachers and parents to get to school without a car easily, healthily and safely. 

Take Action in your School

There are great climate change educational resources available for a range of learning levels designed to engage students' minds.  They include tools enabling and encouraging students to apply what they've learned in their homes and community to actually change their world for the better!
Walking the Talk - connecting sustainability education 

Through Walking the Talk, people from all over British Columbia with an interest in sustainability education have come together to file their most effective learning tools in ONE SPOT. It's all about sharing resources, finding out what people are doing in other parts of the province, and learning from one another. Check it out


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