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Active trips to school lead to students with improved mental alertness and memory.  Physical activities in general also let students exercise their creativity and problem solving skills.

An increase in active travel results in decreased traffic congestion and measurable improvements in children's safety.  An active trip to school improves children's health by reducing air pollution, improving air quality, and keeping them physically active.

Cars are a major source of air pollution emissions and greenhouse gases. Trips to and from school are estimated to be responsible for nearly 10% of all travel in Vancouver!

One Day... Vancouver's schools will be the cleanest, greenest, healthiest in the world.

Active and Safe Trips to School

In Vancouver, almost half of our children travel to school in a car.  Most of these trips are less than one kilometer long.

More vehicles driving to Vancouver schools means more air pollution and respiratory health problems, more traffic congestion and accidents, more greenhouse gas emission, more obesity problems, poorer learning outcomes, less community engagement, etc.

The City of Vancouver has developed One Day, One School to support school communities that would like to make it easy and safe for children to walk, bike, or even bus or carpool to school.  The One Day, One School pilot program in 10 elementary schools takes the internationally recognised Way To Go! Program (available for free to all schools in the province) and builds upon it by supporting the school communities in the efforts.

Way to Go! Elementary School Program

The Way to Go! Program provides school communities with a process, toolkit, and materials to enable more children to be more active (and healthy, and safe) in getting to school. In schools where parents and the school itself get involved, the program results in happier, fitter, safer, confident children with stronger connections to their neighbourhoods, communities and each other.

The program helps schools identify the barriers to more active travel choices and then guides them in the implementation of proven solutions like walking school buses, bike safety programs, carpools, etc.

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One Day, One School Pilot Program

The One Day, One School Pilot Program is providing additional supports for 10 Vancouver elementary school communities that are using the Way To Go! toolkit. It provides:

- professional support to the school communities

- applied bicycle skills training for grades 3-5

- Best Routes to school maps

- support for school initiatives and volunteers

- prizes and awards

It aims to demonstrate that with the proper supports, committed communities can make substantial positive changes. If the pilot is successful, the City will seek to expand the program to all Vancouver schools.





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