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Most of the programs and resources listed here are free.

Workshops and curriculum packages provide examples of interactive and hands-on activities, which meet the needs of diverse learners.

Climate change, active transportation and energy efficiency link to the curriculum requirements of so many subjects: math, physical education, social studies, science, global issues, and more.  Plus it is a current and relevant issue that matters locally.

Student-driven programs develop leadership and teamwork.

Students contribute to energy conservation and address climate change issues at school.

It's fun and creative learning.

Students develop practical skills.

Climate Change Game - Free in-class workshop.
Interested in a free and fun workshop for your students on climate change?  Book the BC Sustainable Energy Association's Climate Change Game program to come to your grade 5 - 7 class!  The workshop runs approximately 80 minutes and includes playing the Climate Change Challenge game, where students work as a team to move a dinosaur around the gameboard through answering questions related to climate change and energy use correctly, a DVD called The climate Change Show narrated by a cartoon sheep and several other engaging and informative activities.  Tailored to fit within BC Ministry PLOs.

For more information or to book the program into your class, please contact Shirlene Cote at 778.785.3951 or email .


Check Your Head Climate Change Workshops

What is it, what causes it, and what is our part in it? From light bulbs to consumerism to global shipping to global inequities, we look at the complex issue of climate change and how we can make a meaningful difference.

(604) 685-6631 or


Getting Power Smart at School. 
B.C. Hydro's Power Smart program provides curricula and activities tailored for all grades.  Teachers can also find information and links to similar engaging and fun energy efficiency school curricula.  Power Smart Grades 3-8 School Campaigns is a two-part workshop series for teachers and students that uses creative educational techniques.  Students are encouraged to become energy detectives and discover hidden ways to save energy in their school. B.C. Hydro provides materials, training and easy-to-use templates for students to identify how their classrooms and schools use energy and plan and deliver campaigns to promote energy conservation. Power Smart Energy Reviews for Grades 10-12 is a two year, technical work experience program develops practical knowledge and skills in energy conservation.


An Inconvenient Truth (AIT)

AIT realizes that teachers are under incredible pressure and severe time constraints. As a result, they’ve made sure that each of our lesson activities is aligned with curriculum standards you are asked to meet in your classroom. AIT in the Classroom is designed for high school science classrooms such as Earth Science, Environmental Science, and Physics, but the materials can also be used in Civics classes, middle school science classes and offer Service Learning opportunities as well. They’ve also broken up the AIT in the Classroom curriculum into distinct downloadable PDF files. This site also serves as a resource for you to share ideas with other teachers. To get started, simply register and download the curriculum buy clicking here.  


Sustainability Suitcase.

For more information about the sustainability suitcase, the organization that created it and other innovative teaching resources available click here. dcPlanet (Destination Conservation) is an innovative school based conservation program where students, staff, school district staff and utility companies interact to initiate environmental education and conservation activities.

The dcPlanet Program involves students and staff in conserving energy and resources in their schools!

Cool Vancouver News - a resource for adult learners. Cool Vancouver News explains what climate change is, how climate change affects us, and what we can do to fight climate change. Cool Vancouver News has accompanying Instructors' Notes with classroom activities and exercises. 

click here for a downloadable pdf. To download the Instructors' Notes click here.

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