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Many short to medium distance trips can be made quickly by bike, without gas and parking costs. You can also make use of transit to extend your cycling range. Cycling can be a great opportunity to reduce your vehicle insurance rate, or shed a second vehicle for even bigger savings.

Medium to longer distance cycling trips can be excellent exercise for keeping you healthy. Why spend money and time working out, when you get the same exercise during your commute? Cycling is also a great opportunity for children and youth to get their recommended daily exercise.

Cycling is a zero emission transportation mode, so you are helping reduce global warming and air pollution (linked to respiratory health problems). You will also be contributing to cleaner water, since vehicle use also results in accumulations of solid particles being washed into water bodies.


You will be doing your part to help reduce traffic congestion and make Vancouver a cleaner, greener, healthier city.

The following are resources to help you to explore cycling opportunities:

Bike Month

June is Bike Month, with over 60 events happening throughout the Lower Mainland.  Find out more on the BEST website. 

Cycling in Vancouver

Check this link for downloadable bike maps, as well as updates on Vancouver bike routes, frequently asked questions and current City cycling initiatives.

Freewheelin' Cycling Guide

If you don't have Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST) comprehensive free cycling guide, it's now available on their website. Included are maps and tips on topics such safety, gear, maintenance and cycling with kids.

Cycling around Greater Vancouver

Check out information on regional cycling routes, taking bikes on transit and accessing bike lockers at transit stations.

Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition

The Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition has just launched a renewed website. If there's anything you need to know about transportation cycling advocacy or education in the GVRD, the VACC hopes to be your definitive source of information. The VACC also offers free one-day cycling skills courses for those interested in cycling for transportation.

BikeSense (also known as the British Columbia Bicycle Operator's Manual).

BikeSense's valuable information on topics such as rules of the road, safety, skills, visibility and maintenance can be downloaded for free.

Greenways are linear corridors in Vancouver that provide an enhanced environment for walking and cycling. This site contains further information on Vancouver's greenways, including descriptions and maps.

Life Cycle s a company offering bike safety skills rodeos, maintenance and repairs information.

Pedal Play promotes cycling through events and workshops, and by building and renting pedal-driven vehicles and machines.

Elementary schools

ICBC and AutoPlan brokers provide the Way to Go! school program to help elementary school children and their parents with safer and healthier alternatives to being driven to school. A wide range of resources for cycling to school are provided. Check with your school to see if they are already participating.

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