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Taking transit can save you gas, parking and other vehicle operating expenses. You can save a substantial amount by eliminating a car. This year's CAA cost-estimate for owning and operating a passenger vehicle is $9,300; compare that to about $3,100 for two 3-zone transit passes for a year.

Combining transit and walking or cycling is a great way to get exercise and maintain your health.

Travel by transit represents a very small percentage of overall traffic injuries and fatalities. Canadian transit passengers have about one-tenth the traffic fatality rate as automobile occupants.

Vancouver's SkyTrain line and most buses run on electricity, so they generate no tailpipe emissions. Even with diesel buses, emissions are significantly lower compared to what they would be if passengers all drove a motor vehicle instead. Taking transit instead of driving reduces greenhouse gases and air pollution.

You will be doing your part to help reduce traffic congestion that can increase the cost of goods and can make our area less appealing to new employers.

Here are some direct links to TransLink's webpages that can help you plan your trip and estimate costs:

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Trip Planning

Bus Schedules

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SeaBus Schedule

Transit System Maps

SkyTrain Stations and Maps

Transit Fares

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