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Save thousands of dollars instead of owning a car. With car-sharing, you are only paying for what you actually use. With your savings you could rent a convertible for that next road trip.

People who car-share tend to drive less, use more transportation alternatives and, therefore, create much less pollution.

Instant access, 24 hours a day, to a network of vehicles throughout the city and in Victoria, Nanaimo, Tofino, Courtney and Cortes Island.

You never have to wait in a ferry line-up, or for a tune-up, tire change or maintenance again.

How often does your vehicle just sit around?

How often do you really need a vehicle? When you add up fuel, maintenance, insurance and depreciation, owning a vehicle can be very expensive.

However, there is a simple way to access a vehicle when you need it and save time, money and energy.

In Vancouver, car-sharing providers like the Cooperative Auto Network and ZipCar rent out vehicles by the hour to members when they need one. Members typically pay a small monthly or annual membership fee and then only pay for for the hours and distance you actually use.

The cost of the vehicle is shared among many people, saving everyone money. You avoid having to buy and maintain a vehicle (or second vehicle), you tend to drive less and you still have access to a car when you need to go somewhere that would be difficult by other means.

You also have access to other vehicles like trucks, vans and sometimes even convertibles or fancy cars for that important event.

Families with two vehicles discover that car sharing enables them to get rid of one of their cars.

If you occasionally need to pick up a load of something like furniture or lumber, or your brother and his five children come to visit once a month, car-sharing enables you to own a smaller, more efficient vehicle without having to sacrifice your ability to move bigger loads on occasion.

For more information, visit the Cooperative Auto Network (CAN) or ZipCar websites.

Learn more about car-sharing: www.carsharing.net

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