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One Day Businesses 2006

Starting in October, the following coffee shops and yoga studios have joined the City of Vancouver to participate in a One Day social marketing pilot program. Social marketing is about encouraging behaviour change. It is different from traditional advertising because it relies on people spreading the word to one another. Based on the success and positive response to the 2005 pilot program, we have asked each coffee shop and yoga studio to engage their clients and talk about One Day, encouraging them to sign up to receive 10 weekly action tip reminders by email.

Participating businesses:

  • Bean Brothers
  • Bump & Grind
  • Café Du Soleil
  • Characters Fine Books and Coffee Bar
  • Coffee a go go
  • Cornerstone Coffee
  • Ethical Bean 
  • Freshbean
  • Higher Grounds 4th Ave
  • Higher Grounds Broadway
  • Juicy Lucy's
  • Kokopelli Café
  • Land of Green Ginger
  • Laughing Bean
  • Mix The Bakery
  • Nava Creative Kosher Cuisine 
  • Radha Yoga & Eatery
  • Wicked Café
  • Bikram's Yoga College of India
  • Sempervivia Yoga Centre and Store
  • Vancouver Corporate Yoga
  • Open Door Yoga
  • Westside Gym/ Body and Soul
  • Marta Hernandez Movement Space
One Day Business Pilot Program 2005

In the summer of 2005, the City of Vancouver invited a small number of coffee shops, yoga studios and grocery stores to participate in a pilot "spreader" program.

More than 850 people eagerly signed up for the 10 weeks of action tips and were not only supportive of the program, but also of their local businesses that made it possible.

List of Businesses that participated in the 2005 pilot:

  • Yoga on 7th
  • Flow Yoga
  • Prana Yoga
  • The Wandering Yogi
  • Eoinn Finn and Blissology
  • Sunrise Community Centre
  • Trees
  • SOMA
  • Think! Coffee Lounge and Bistro
  • Calhouns
  • Delaney’s
  • Café Organica
  • East End Food Coop
  • Capers Community Markets


What other businesses are doing:

Electronic Arts Green Team

The "Green Team" at EA consists of 15 employees which represent a vast number of areas within the company including our mailroom, cafeteria, facilities department and the studio at large.   

We meet once a month for one hour and have had a number of guest speakers which has included BC Hydro, Greenpeace and Cascadia Biofuels.    Our next guest speaker will be from Translink to discuss ideas on how to get people out of their vehicles and using alternate modes of transportation.       As members of the Green Team, we are all passionate about the environment but we would also like to shake the stereotypical image of the tree-hugging environmentalist by simply proving that small changes can make a difference.    Few people have the bandwidth to be completely green 100% of the time, yet we can all play a part in making ourselves, and others, more aware of our surroundings and the impact our actions can have for future generations. Since our inception in November 2005 we have introduced 100% post-consumer toilet paper & paper towels into all the washrooms, removed plastic cutlery from the cafeteria (it is still available, but on an "as-requested" basis), introduced 30% post-consumer photocopier paper throughout the studio, introduced a discount at Starbuck's (EA has its own kiosk) for bringing a mug, removed plastic stir sticks and replaced with post-consumer wooden stir sticks, introduced refillable sugar at the coffee stations to reduce waste from individual packets, posted signage in the cafeteria asking employees to reduce their use of take-out containers/plastic cutlery in respect for the environment, switched to environmentally-friendly cleaning products throughout the studio and kitchen areas, and set lobby tv's on a timer to turn off after-hours to save energy.  We also put out a "Green Space" e-newsletter every two months which includes information on the changes we are making at our Burnaby campus, energy saving tips, ways to be "green" both at work and in the home and "did you know" facts and figures.Through our newsletters, we also encourage employees to turn off lights, monitors, consoles, etc when leaving at the end of the work day.   Our objective has always been to introduce these changes gradually and as a result, the Green Team has had very positive feedback.  


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