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One Day
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One Day is about taking small steps to reduce energy use, at home and on the road, to make Vancouver the cleanest, greenest, healthiest city in the world.

One Day is about small first steps. It's about individual actions that each of us can take in our every day lives.  It's about what is possible, and will reward and applaud each and every action, no matter how big or how small.  It's about momentum and shared success.

One Day is about values about protecting the best place to live in the world, about preserving our unparalleled quality of life for our children and grandchildren, and shared effort and enterprise.

One Day is about health, fitness and wellbeing. Walking and cycling are easy ways to stay fit, lose weight and help cut down on the amount of energy we use. Changing the way we move through our day also helps us slow down and take more time with our children, neighbourhoods and communities, reminding us that life doesn't have to be as hectic as we make it out to be.

One Day is about leadership. One day, Vancouver will be a model for how urban populations use and consume energy. Together, business, neighbourhoods, individuals and communities will showcase Vancouver to the world at the 2010 Olympic Games as a model city for sustainable energy consumption and urban development.

One Day is working with partners youth, community groups, business leaders - to start this movement from the ground up, seeding the idea in schools, workplaces, businesses, neighbourhoods, coffee shops and more.

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