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We have 10 weeks of tips ready for you to pass on to your co-workers. It's easy as 1-2-3-4. 

Also, think about signing up clients and customers for the 10 weeks of Action tips, like our One Day Businesses - check out what they are doing

  1. To download the HTML files below, right-click on each one and select 'Save Target As' or 'Download Linked File'. Each tip is a seperate html file.
  2. Open Week 1 (week1tips.html) in Microsoft Word.  You can make changes to the content once it is Word if you'd like to personalize or update any of the information.
  3. Under File select Send To, enter all your workmates email addresses. An Outlook/Outlook Express header will appear, which will allow you to use your address book to find these.
  4. Click Send a Copy. Repeat for a different action tip each week.

OPTION #2 - send an email to with "please send tips" in the subject line.  We will forward you all of the 10 weeks of tips so you have them in your email inbox.

OPTION #3 - sign up all of your co-workers through our site for the 10 weeks of tips. 

Template files (remember to RIGHT-CLICK to save them):

Week 1 Action Tips

Week 2 Action Tips

Week 3 Action Tips

Week 4 Action Tips

Week 5 Action Tips

Week 6 Action Tips

Week 7 Action Tips

Week 8 Action Tips

Week 9 Action Tips

Week 10 Action Tips

Important note: these templates can only be sent on from PC systems. Mac users: to send these tips, please download the files and copy and paste the action tips into your email program each week. We apologize for this, but macs don't support sending html emails in the same way.

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