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Take One Day and make it your own! Share the One Day message with co-workers by choosing an office “One Day Wonder” every week in an email to all the workmates. Make your co-worker a champion by highlighting his/her eco-friendly achievements. Invent a fake trophy. Photoshop an image. Here are some examples of what one employee wrote about her energy efficient co-workers:

Email Example #1

Seeing as how Ken and Becca have lobbied equally, I’ve decided that they get to share the One Day award this week. 

From this point on, I’ll be referring to them collectively as Kecca.
Here’s what Kecca has been doing in terms of energy efficiency:

a) When Ken’s not riding the skytrain to work, he’s carpooling with his wife.  My sources tell me they’ll soon be a single-car household.
b) Becca wrote a scathing email to Dose magazine after seeing one of their box delivery people throw old papers in the garbage rather than recycling them.
c)  Ken has shunned the elevator as of late and has joined his wife in taking the stairs (19 floors?) to their apartment.  But I think this has more to do with his claustrophobia getting out of hand, rather than a conscious energy efficiency choice.

See, their energy efficiency accomplishments individually aren’t that impressive, but by combining their achievements, they equal one Doug. 

Congratulations Kecca!  I was originally going to let Doug keep the trophy an extra week, but he admitted he’d lost it a few times under different piles of stuff at his place.  So really, the award is only being passed on to ensure its safe keeping rather than it being actual recognition of your good deeds. 
Taking action:
First things first, have you managed to cut down your shower time by a couple of minutes?  Think of that rubber duckie in the corner of your tub pleading with you: “Please human friend, save the marshlands and my water.  You don’t really need to repeat the lathering and rinsing.  They just say that on the bottle so you’ll consume more.”  The rubber duckie’s got a point.
This week’s action item:
As much as I love the One Day screen savers that float about our computers, we need to turn off our monitors before we go home at night.  Screen savers suck energy.  Smooty has created little stickers to put on the monitors to remind us to do so. 

Yours truly,
Bernadette and her rubber duckie comrades

Email Example #2

Whilst Jennifer was on her run yesterday, guess who rifled through the filing cabinets to steal away the One Day trophy? ME! I know it’s shameless and tasteless to give yourself an award.

One Day is about leadership. What am I doing that makes me a leader? Well…

  • Lights are almost never on in my house.  Being a single female cat owner between the ages of 25-30, I have rather vast collection of candles. 
  • I don’t own a car.  Okay, so this might have something to do with the fact that my student loans actually equal the cost of a new car, BUT beyond that, I consider myself a woman of the people and enjoy riding the prolechariot day after day.  I did own a car a few years ago during the transit strike.  It was an ’89 Cutlass Cierra with burgundy leather interior. I was both a) safe and b) stylin’.  Once the transit strike was over though, I sent it back to Edmonton because I hated paying the maintenance, fuel, and insurance costs.  Plus, I had such guilt over being a single occupant vehicle that I’d regularly pick up people waiting at bus stops on Burnaby Mountain who were also headed to SFU.  (And no, I didn’t just pick up the hot guys).  Long story short — I really don’t plan on owning a car.
  • I’ve got my showers down to 5-minutes.
  • I use biodegradable dish detergent and laundry detergent and my kitty litter’s made of biodegradable wheat.
  • I try to get groceries that come from local suppliers and are organic.

And there you have it. I congratulate myself for coming up with something to write on this wet Thursday even though a thick fog has settled over my brain. By the way, I need you guys to keep shamelessly promoting yourselves. Bring it!

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