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Using alternative transportation for your daily commute reduces your vehicle costs. 

Turning off lights, office equipment and computers when not in use can reduce energy costs for your business.

Increasing your physical activity by walking or biking to work can help you lose weight, stay fit, and keep mentally sharp.

Think about all of the machines in your workplace consuming energy eight hours a day, five days a week, 52 weeks a year.  By ensuring each is turned off or set to power-down mode when not in use, less energy is used and less greenhouse gases released into the air.

By car-pooling, you can get to know your co-workers better and build friendships and a happier, healthier office culture.

Adopting and implementing energy efficient practices in your office can lead to you/your organization being recognized by your peers and other businesses as making a difference.

On the bus, SkyTrain or in a car-pool, you can catch up on reading or get a few more minutes of glorious sleep.


Changing how you get to work is one of the most significant actions you can do to incorporate energy efficiency into your work week.  TransLink's OnBoard program, is currently focusing on Vancouver-based employers, helping them identify and implement commuting options for their employees.

Personal Work Environment and Equipment

Find out about the easy things you can do to reduce energy use in your immediate work environment.

Team Building

Engage your employees in the One Day movement to help build a stronger connection between your organization and the City’s initiatives.

Building Program

Achieve a healthier and more pleasant work environment!  The Go Green program from the Building Owners and Managers Association of B.C. offers your office-building manager a practical program to reduce energy consumption.  Even the most cost-effective improvements, such as changing lights, can reduce headaches and improve the colour within your workspace.

Fleet Operations

If the company you work for manages a vehicle fleet, you should find out programs supported by Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency and the City of Vancouver that reduce operating costs and save fuel.

And, check out TransLink and the Cooperative Auto Network's hot new program:

TransLink and the Cooperative Auto Network have launched a car co-op service aimed at business customers called The Company Car. Businesses wanting to join the new service pay a one-time refundable fee. For more information please visit:

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