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Turning off lights, office equipment and computers when not in use can reduce energy costs for your business.

Sunshine and fresh air are good for you!  Getting lots of natural light and air-flow by opening windows and shades means that lights and air-conditioning don't need to be on as much.

Ensuring that office machinery is turned off reduces the amount of energy wasted and greenhouse gases sent into the atmosphere.

You're likely to be chosen as employee of the month for encouraging your office to act on these money-saving tips.

Enable ENERGY STAR features on your computer.

The typical desktop computer and monitor tandem uses roughly 200 watts of electricity.  Monitors use up to 50-75% of this energy and screen savers do not save power.  Activate the energy-saving feature of your monitor to save energy.  For PCs, go to the Start menu, select Settings, then choose Control Panel, click on Display, and then set the Energy Star settings under the Screen Saver tab.  NOTE: A screen saver does not save your screen or energy.  Put it to sleep!

Ask your Information Systems group to enable the monitor sleep function on every computer in the office.

Turn off lights in spaces that aren't being used.

Turn off your lights when you leave your office or cubicle area and in other unoccupied areas such as copy rooms, break rooms, conference rooms, and restrooms.  Not only will this reduce wasted energy, but it's a subtle example within the workplace that can influence the behavior of others.

Ask your building manager to have security or the custodial staff turn lights off as part of their regular after hours building sweeps.

Photocopier low-power modes.

Operating photocopy equipment efficiently will reduce energy consumption by at least 25%.  Check the photocopy manual or speak to your service representative to enable the copier's energy efficient settings. 

  • The low-power mode will reduce the energy usage while the copier is inactive but enables it to quickly return to functional settings.  Go to this setting during the day for inactive periods.

  • The sleep mode is the lowest power setting on your office equipment.  As it may take half a minute to return to function, enable this function to come on only after a longer period of inactivity (like an hour or two).

If your copier does not have energy management features, be sure to turn it off at the end of the day and for weekends.

Shades are hip.

If your building is air conditioned, close your window blinds when they are in direct sun.  Blinds can significantly reduce summer air conditioning energy use and make your own workspace more comfortable.  If you have a window but no blinds, ask to have some installed.

Turn off machines and equipment not in use.

Turn off printers and other office machines when not in use as they can idle as much as 90% of the workday and are often left running at night and on weekends. For many businesses, this simple approach turns into big savings.

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