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Your business can save a considerable amount of money on energy bills by encouraging the property manager to make the building more energy efficient.

Employee productivity increases in a more comfortable and pleasant environment.

Increased comfort and satisfaction for you and your employees.

Even if your property manager does not elect to have the building Go Green certified, the more they hear the request, the more they realize that environmental performance and tenant comfort impact lease decisions.

A business's physical building can play a major role in business energy use and costs.  Not all buildings are created equal and many use much more energy than they need to for heating, cooling and light.

Even though retrofitting your office building yourself may be outside your job description, getting your property manager started can be easier than you think and could result in a healthier, more comfortable, and happier workplace for you and your co-workers.

Go Green.

Speak to the company manager responsible for leasing or managing your building and request that they work with the property manager to obtain Go Green certification.

The B.C. Building Owners and Managers Association developed Go Green as a program to help property managers recognize, prioritize and implement best practices in five key areas:

  • Resource Consumption
  • Waste Reduction and Recycling
  • Building Materials
  • Interior Environment
  • Tenant Awareness

Have your property manager call (604) 684-3916 for more information.

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